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Krzemiński Reunion Project, initiated by trumpeter Piotr Krzemiński,

is a get-together, after many years, of a  group of excellent and experienced musicians, who have existed successfully on the jazz scene for a long time. They all grew up and took their first steps in music in the same city and its neighborhoods,

but over the years their different individual paths have led them to various parts of Poland and the world.

Over the years they have gained experience, playing with great and well known jazz musicians - from Poland and beyond - who have invited them to be in their bands. Some of them have also formed their own great jazz bands.



It has turned out, that the energy and potential of this group are so great that Reunion Project is no longer the one-time project; it has become a regular band playing concerts and preparing for a CD release.



The quintet plays mainly compositions by Piotr Krzemiński, whose music is animated by a modern approach to jazz,

world travel and the tradition of the mainstream jazz sound.

Individualism, but at the same time mutual understanding between the band members and their musicality,

gives the compositions an even more special character.



This band is a story of experiences and inspirations peppered with a great dose of joy gained from playing entertaining and great jazz together.

Piotr Krzemiński - trumpet, flugelhorn

Michał Borowski - tenor sax

Dariusz Petera - piano

Andrzej Zielak - double bass

Karol Domański - drums