The Hammond organ  swirls,  the trumpet  dances,  and  the  drums  syncopate — a jazz  trio  painting  rhythmic  landscapes  with  soulful  notes.

Welcome to The Latorre-Krzemiński-Skolik Special Trio


The Special Trio: DanielLatorre, Piotr Krzeminski, and Arek Skolik stands out due to their exceptional synergy, each member bringing unique talents that seamlessly complement one another. Latorre's creative soulful Hammond Organ, Krzeminski's technical prowess with nimble trumpet improvisations, and Skolik's rhythmic mastery on drums adds a layer of sophistication, making their performances a mesmerizing journey through the diverse realms of jazz, a fusion of their individual virtuosity and collective chemistry makes this trio so special, a standout in the world of jazz, leaving an indelible mark on every note they play.


As the trumpet's tones resonate, they bridge the gap between tradition and innovation, connecting the roots of jazz to the ever-evolving branches of contemporary music. With each brassy declaration, the jazz trumpet continues to shape the cultural narrative, reminding us that in the world of music, true liberation is found in the unbridled expression of the soul.


Arek Skolik is the heartbeat of the trio in a language that are both primal and sophisticated, a dialogue between tradition and innovation where every drumbeat narrates a story, and every fill paints a sonic landscape. His nuanced and dynamic playing weaves intricate patterns, elevating the music to new heights.


The Jazz Hammond organ occupies a special place, adding a soulful and improvisational dimension to the genre. Latorre infuses his performances with expressive and dynamic playing. The drawbars, percussion settings, and the distinctive Leslie speaker contribute to the organ's rich and nuanced sound, making it a key element in the world of jazz improvisation.


© 2017 Piotr Krzemiński

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