Krzemiński/Parker/Serafiński TRIO  is a band that can be defined in three words:  freshness,  roots  &  experience...

Piotr Krzemiński - is a jazz trumpeter and composer, in whose style you can sense freshness, sensitivity, space and the influence of years spent on musical travels around the world. His experience has resulted in the development of a musical language full of different emotions - from joy and energy to deep reflection. His great technique helps in the expression these emotions.

Chicago-based drummer Frank Parker, a two time Grammy Award nominee, has played on the biggest jazz scenes around the wolrd, with great musicians such as Kurt Elling, Patricia Barber, Michal Urbaniak and many others. His musicality, characteristic feel and marvelous technique are a reflection of authentic American jazz.

Paweł Serafiński - is considered to be one of the best Hammond organ player around, and not just in Poland. Virtuosity, masterful Hammond organ skills (he's a trio in himself) and long years of experience, not only in jazz but also in the sphere of film music, only add to his value.

The trio plays mainly the band members' compositions. Each of the musicians, having different musical roots, composes in an individual and unique style. It creates an interesting element of musical diversity. The band does not avoid the jazz standards, arranged in an interesting way and performed in tribute to its great composers. 

Mutual inspiration, as well as the combination of freshness, american roots and experience, give each phrase a modern and at the same time very essential dimension. All of this makes every tune, from the slowest ballad to the fastest swing, and each and every concert, a jazz gem.

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